Monday, January 26, 2015

Review Time: Leaf & Love

And so we meet again. 

A lot has changed for me since my last entry. One major change being my diet.

After MONTHS (maybe even years) of my endocrinologist wanting to get me on a really low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet, I finally did it.

I made a New Year's Resolution and I've (so far) stuck to it! 

A major success for me, was weaning myself off of the Diet Coke.

Anyone who knows a diabetic, or, say, a twenty-something gal who needs to operate on x-amount of caffeine milligrams per day, knows the struggle of Diet Coke.

There are several research articles about what the aspartame can do to one's overall health. I read an article recently, that stated aspartame was “200 times sweeter than sucrose.” Sure, there are claims that aspartame is "completely safe to consume," but when my endocrinologist worried about my Diet Coke consumption, that was all the reassurance I needed to ditch it for good.

After kicking Diet Coke to the curb, I turned to Twitter to complain about life on three (or more) liters of water per day. It's boring, it's tasteless, and frankly, I was ready to cry.

I was pleasantly surprised by a response from a California-based company, called Leaf & Love. 

The woman behind the tweet replied with the following statement that was music to my ears:

How awesome is that? The MOTHER of a TYPE 1 DIABETIC? Sign me up!

I was fortunate enough to receive 3 samples of their clever mix.

Here are the Nutrition Facts. 

How amazing is this? Gluten-free AND non-GMO? The women behind this product are geniuses!

I happily indulged in a 200 mL "juice box" lemonade after my lunch one afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised.

The lemonade is not overly-bitter, and the Stevia gives it just the right touch. It's not too sweet, it's not too sour, it's just perfect enough to quench those "I Want Something Other Than Water That Won't Kill Me" tastebuds and cravings.

Julie handled my request via e-mail and Twitter, and the people of this company are so pleasant and cheery.

The colors of their product really reflect their personality—fun, and a true delight.

Their product is even loved by Lita Richardson, executive producer of CBS "The Doctors." 

Please give them a follow and say "Hi" via Twitter, @LeafandLove, or via their Facebook page. 

The lemonade "juice boxes" aren't available in my area, but you can order their product off of Amazon.

I hope you'll give them a try—either for yourself, or for your little ones!