Thursday, November 14, 2013

Reflecting on World Diabetes Day

Today is International Diabetes Day (AKA World Diabetes Day). 

This year is actually my first year celebrating it.

I couldn't wait to put on my blues today!

Earlier last week, I had sent out an office memo to my co-workers of medical assistants, physicians, and nurse practitioners. 

Facts and mission statements were noted in my memo. I provided a brief history on insulin, as well as the scientists who led to the discovery of this life-saving therapy. 

I then asked everyone to wear something blue to show their support for me, and help raise awareness of type 1 diabetes. 

The response was overwhelming. 

Our director of CarePoint East, the building I work in, copy and pasted my memo, and forwarded it to each and every employee in our building (almost 600 people). 

I walked into work today, and EVERYONE was wearing blue! Blue scarves, blue ties, blue dress shirts, blue scrubs, even blue shoes! I was so overwhelmed and humbled by the support. 

The certified diabetes educators in our Diabetes Research Center walked around the building all day, taking photos, and quizzing everyone on the difference between the types of diabetes.

I feel so lucky to work with healthcare professionals who treat me like one of their own; It feels amazing to have support from the people I work with and see everyday. 

This first photo is only 1/4 of my office. Left to right, is Dr. Kim Fisher, Shaneata (my best friend and fellow medical assistant), me, Donnita Tate, our nurse practitioner, and Dr. Andrew Schreiner. 

This photo is Dr. Michael Langan, our residency program director. He has the best sense of humor you'll ever see in a person; his patients are crazy about him, and he knows a lot about diabetes! 

This photo is Dr. Kimberly Fisher, one of our second-year residents, with Dr. Andrew Schreiner, one of our attendings who precepts our residency clinic two days a week.

I'm glad I participated this year; it is so very important to advocate diabetes. So many people don't understand the "whole picture." I'm thankful to have lived 22 years with type 1 diabetes; It has helped shape me into the well-rounded young woman that I am. 

I can't wait for next year!

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